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Can collaborate with some mix of Statistics Without Borders, Statistics2013, the International Year of Statistics, ASA (American Statistical Assocation), and [ WSS (Washington Statistical Society). Peter Meyer and Justin Fisher can run it.


  • training for newbies
  • tour or talk? some activity. Description of WikiData would be good. Anything User:Ram-Man can tell us about how he uploaded Census data for 2000 would be good. Perhaps Justin can describe his experience teaching survey stats in North Korea. (No kidding.)
  • Adding/updating particular pages

Location and timing

  • The downtown DC main public library, the MLK library is convenient for hosts Peter and Justin. There are several rooms downstairs that are big enough and quiet/private enough -- A5, A9, A10, and perhaps others. This is our intended location. James knows how to reserve it. One contact person is Patrick Timony, who has been 100% friendly but is not in charge of the space, I think
  • Sun Dec 8 2013 and Sun Dec 15 2013 look like good dates. Date should be in calendar 2013 because 2013 is an internationally designated Year of Statistics.
  • Someone needs to confirm: (1) that we can have good net access there; (2) that we can have refreshments there; (3) that for presentations we can arrange to have tables, a data projector, and a screen
  • Would like to have short presentations on (a) WikiData ; (b) Justin's trip to North Korea to teach at Pyongyang Summer Institute (?!)
  • Peter to reach out to Ed Summers regarding Wikidata
  • (Other possible locations: Tenleytown library; wiki-DC conference room; a room at a coffee shop/restaurant. Or at WSS or ASA in Alexandria. Let's put these alternatives on ice the MLK library is looking good.)

Other background and issues

Possible icon for advertising this event: Histogram of sepal widths for Iris versicolor from Fisher's flower data set, with superimposed best-fitting normal distribution.
  • Background: Ah! Some people wrote: How to run an edit-a-thon
  • we anticipate that wiki-DC can sponsor some refreshments and materials.
  • how do we get the wireless equipment and make it work?


  • Justin can broadcast to Statistics Without Borders (700 people, mostly not local).
  • Justin can reach out to WSS (perhaps 900 members)
  • Statistics2013/ASA contact info: they may help us identify interested people: (Justin can follow up?)
  • Peter can (through Mike Messner) broadcast to Statipedians (~100, mostly local).
  • Peter can reach out through Abhijit to Data Science Meetup or R meetup, which are mostly local
  • Peter can email Neil Tillman at Census who was interested in editing Wikipedia from there
  • Peter advertise on Wikipedia:WikiProject Statistics ; also write Owen Martin from Wikimania