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{| class="plainlinks" style="border-collapse:collapse; margin-top:1.5em;"
|month = February
|day = 15
|dow = Friday
|title = Civil War Art Edit-a-Thon
|time = 9-5
|place = Smithsonian Archives of American Art
|address = 750 9th St NW #2200, Washington, DC, near the Gallery Place metrorail stop
|description = We took a tour from expert Eleanor Jones Harvey, then edited on artists and artwork from the time of the Civil War. For more, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/DC/Civil_War
|info-link =
|rsvp-link =
|mode = {{{mode|}}}
|month = last summer
|day =
|dow = Saturday
|title = Scan-a-thon
|time = afternoon
|place = National Archives, in College Park, MD
|address =
|description = Scanning photos at National Archives, in College Park, MD. We scanned photos and chatted. Later the photos were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Most are public. For more see http://wikimediadc.org/wiki/Cultural_outreach (and ... something on wikipedia?)
|info-link = http://wikimediadc.org/wiki/Cultural_outreach
|rsvp-link =
|mode = {{{mode|}}}

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