Grant application: Cape Cod Wiknic and Photography Bonanza travel reimbursements

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Status: Canceled

Personal information

Please tell us a little about yourself. If you are uncomfortable with posting any of the requested information publicly, please contact the Grants Committee for assistance.

(1) What is your name?
Kevin Rutherford
(2) What is your email address?
(3) Do you currently reside in the United States? If not, please specify your country of residence.
(4) Are you requesting this grant on behalf of an organization or group? If so, please provide the name of the group.
New England Wikimedians

Description of purpose

Please tell us a little about the project or activity for which you are requesting funding. Please provide enough detail to allow us to evaluate how your request aligns with our charitable mission.

(5) What is the purpose for which the funding will be used?
We are planning on holding an event on June 14th with the aim of photographing all needed buildings in western Barnstable County (the county is the governing entity that encompasses all of Cape Cod), with the expressed aim of covering NRHP articles and other things that are normally missed. This includes Barnstable, which has around twenty buildings to be photographed. As we are on the fringe of public transportation, we will provide travel reimbursements to all volunteers in order to get the maximum amount of people out here.
(6) How does this purpose align with our mission?
We will help to get photographs of one of the least-photographed counties in Massachusetts, as well as help to illustrate other areas that are unique to the seashore.

Grant financials

Please tell us a little about the funding you need. To expedite review of your application, please provide as much detail as possible.

(7) How much funding do you need?
$500 (any unused funds will be returned promptly)
(8) When will you need funding?
The event is on June 14th, but we will disburse funds two weeks after.
(9) What specific costs will the funding cover?
Bus tickets (5 people at fifty dollars for a round trip ticket), train fare (5 people at forty dollars for a round trip ticket), and gas funds (remaining fifty dollars). People will be asked to submit proof of all expenses, and then we will write them a check afterwards.


Funding was approved by Wikimedia DC but the event was cancelled. See the last edits on the meetup page: w:Wikipedia:Meetup/Boston/Cape_Cod_Wiknic_and_Photography_Blitz. There was no report nor reimbursement.