Grant application: Wiki Loves Pride Minnesota 2016

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Status: Completed

Personal information

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(1) What is your name?
Rachel Wexelbaum
(2) What is your email address?
(3) Do you currently reside in the United States? YES
(4) Are you requesting this grant on behalf of an organization or group? If so, please provide the name of the group.

Minneapolis Central Library and the Minnesota Wikipedia User Group

Description of purpose

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Members of the Minnesota Wikipedia User Group and I will be facilitating the first Wiki Loves Pride edit-a-thon at the Minneapolis Central Library on Saturday June 18th. This will be the first Wiki Loves Pride event to take place in Minnesota. We have worked with Quatrefoil Library to identify people and topics that need creation or edits:

This event has been advertised to all LGBTIQ groups at colleges and universities in the area, and will be advertised through the public library system and to other LGBTIQ organizations in the state, as well as members of the MN Wikipedia user group.

(5) What is the purpose for which the funding will be used?

We will need funding for refreshments during the event itself, Wiki Loves Pride promotional items.

(6) How does this purpose align with our mission?

Wiki Loves Pride events encourage the LGBTIQ+ community to participate in Wikipedia article creation and editing, thus increasing the number of underrepresented populations participating in Wikipedia efforts as well as increasing the amount of knowledge in Wikipedia about underrepresented populations. Wikipedia edit-a-thons build community as well as increase and improve the world’s knowledge. The MN Wikipedia user group may also want to take this opportunity to come together and network so that we can plan more statewide events.

Grant financials

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(7) How much funding do you need?

$450 for food and coffee $200 for buttons (some with Wiki Loves Pride logo, some with Wikipedia logo)

(8) When will you need funding?

We will need the funding in time for our event on Saturday June 18th.

(9) What specific costs will the funding cover?

$270 for food, water, paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins $180 for Dunn Brothers Coffee (Dunn Brothers is the coffee shop within Minneapolis Central Library itself)