Grant application: Wiki Loves Small Museums 2015

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Status: Completed

Personal information

Please tell us a little about yourself. If you are uncomfortable with posting any of the requested information publicly, please contact the Grants Committee for assistance.

(1) What is your name? 
Mary Mark Ockerbloom
(2) What is your email address?
(3) Do you currently reside in the United States? If not, please specify your country of residence. 
(4) Are you requesting this grant on behalf of an organization or group? If so, please provide the name of the group. 
I am requesting a grant on behalf of other people who would be involved in a workshop I am organizing. We are not a formal group or organization.

Description of purpose

Please tell us a little about the project or activity for which you are requesting funding. Please provide enough detail to allow us to evaluate how your request aligns with our charitable mission.

(5) What is the purpose for which the funding will be used? 

I would like to apply for funding for travel and hotel costs for some of the volunteers for the Wiki Loves Small Museums Workshop in Ocean City, MD, February 15, 2015, which I am organizing. We currently have around 10 possible volunteers, most of whom (myself included) can get funding from their institution for travel, hotels, and food during the conference. Three people who have offered to volunteer do not have institutional support. They have asked if it is possible to get support through Wikimedia DC. They would be doing copyright clearance, scanning and uploading of images at the workshop. Because Ocean City, MD is awkward to reach, and the workshop is at mid-day, most people will need to come in the night before and stay overnight afterwards. Volunteers are not required to register for the conference itself, and those who wish to do so are expected to pay for that themselves.

I would also like to apply for money to take all the volunteers out for dinner after the workshop. The conference is not offering meals that night; they are encouraging people to "dine around" in groups at their own expense. We expect to have 10-12 volunteers.

(6) How does this purpose align with our mission? 
The purpose of the workshop is to upload images to Wikimedia Commons. The images will be contributed by attendees at the Small Museum Association Conference, of their institutions or of artifacts at their institutions.

Grant financials

Please tell us a little about the funding you need. To expedite review of your application, please provide as much detail as possible.

(7) How much funding do you need? 
Estimated costs: $819.41
(8) When will you need funding? 
The event is February 15, 2015.
(9) What specific costs will the funding cover? 

These are estimated costs based on: Hotel: The Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel (conference site) has discount rates for SMA Conference attendees: Double: $73 (before taxes); $80.87 (after taxes). Mileage: IRS standard mileage rate for travel; estimated distance between cities according to Google maps. Dinner: $23 per person is based on the US government basic dinner amount.

For one couple:

  • hotel accommodations for two nights, before and after the workshop (2 x $80.87 = $161.74)
  • travel costs from Haddon Township NJ to Ocean City, MD : estimated gas mileage: 56 cents per mile x 148.15 miles x 2 (to and from) = $165.93

For one person:

  • hotel accommodations for two nights, before and after the workshop (2 x $80.87 = $161.74)
  • travel costs from New York City to Ocean City, MD by 319 Express Bus via New Jersey Transit : Estimated costs, approx. $100.00

Dinner for 10 (estimated number):

  • $23.00 x 10 = $230

Total: $161.74 (hotel) + travel ($165.93) + $161.74 (hotel) + travel ($100.00) + $230 (food for 10) = $819.41