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This webpage is dedicated to a discussion of Music Accessibility.

IOS App accessibility discussion:

1. Djay - is it accessible?

2. Bebot - a synthesizer toy. Will not work with Voiceover.


Accessible Electronics

AppleVis - collaborative discussion of app accessibility

Golden Records Analog to CD/MP3 Converter

Ideas for apps/hacks:

1. WavePath Hack WavePath lets you edit what you record with Golden Records. There is a problem with Windows Media Player. The solution is as follows:


2. iPad Talkbox Hack (Like the one used in Peter Frampton's "Do you feel like I do?")

    a. run the Bebot app and a mic/amp app
    b. make a plastic tube that covers the iPad speaker and goes into the mouth
    c. put mouth with plastic tube over ipad microphone and form words/vocalization shapes
    d. oops already exists: