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I was told Zotero is not completely accessible with JAWS, so instead of being able to use this free open source software, the college is going to have to buy me “End Note” which is accessible. Please have your group of developers look at Zotero to see if they can make it accessible.

Zotero - www. - On the homepage, there is a large link on the right of the page that says, “Download Now”. Click this. - On the download page, there is a link at the top to download, click this and go through the download process. Also on the download page, there is a link to download the Microsoft Office Plugin, click this and go through the download process. - Once Zotero is downloaded, a small book icon will appear at the end of the site bar (where you type in websites). Click this button when you wish to add something to your Zotero Library. - In Microsoft Word, if you want to add an in text or bibliographical citation, use the add-in button which is located on the far right of the top tool bar. - In Zotero, you organize your books and articles using tags. To add a tag to an item simply select the tags tab in the right column and hit the button. Then type your tag. Once you have added the tag you will see it has also been added to the tag selector box in the left column. The tags that you create will be on the left hand side of the screen. - The zotero website has comprehensive instructions on using the program. -