Election of the Board of Directors

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Each year, the members of Wikimedia DC elect members to the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for managing the business affairs of the organization in accordance with the Bylaws.

For Candidates

See the full list of eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible for election to the Board, an individual seeking election (the "Candidate") shall be required to comply with all of the following criteria:

(a) Membership. The Candidate shall be a member in good standing of Wikimedia District of Columbia.
(b) Majority. The Candidate shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age, or have otherwise attained legal majority.
(c) Sound Mind. The Candidate shall not have been declared to be of unsound mind by a final order of court.
(d) No Breach of Duty. The Candidate shall not have been found by a final order of court to have breached a duty as a director under the District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporations Act.
(e) No Prohibiting Order. The Candidate shall not be subject to any final order of court prohibiting the Candidate from serving as a director.
(f) Clean Hands. The Candidate shall not owe more than one hundred dollars ($100) in outstanding debt to the District of Columbia.

Wikimedia District of Columbia Election Policy, Article IV, Section 1

See the full list of mandatory disclosures

Each Candidate shall be required to make certain disclosures as part of said Candidate's nomination statement:

(a) Conflict of Interest. Whether the Candidate has a direct or indirect financial interest in any ongoing or planned transaction or arrangement undertaken by Wikimedia District of Columbia;
(b) Conflict of Duty. Whether the Candidate is subject to any law, regulation, agreement, or other covenant, whether as a condition of employment by a party other than Wikimedia District of Columbia or otherwise, that would prevent the Candidate from taking full part in the deliberations of the Board, or that would require the Candidate to excuse themselves from such deliberations in circumstances other than those related to a financial conflict of interest;
(c) Felony Convictions. Whether the candidate has, in the past ten (10) years, been convicted of any felony;
(d) Relationship with Wikimedia Organizations. Whether the Candidate is an employee, director, officer, or agent of the Wikimedia Foundation, or of any Wikimedia chapter other than Wikimedia District of Columbia; or otherwise holds a fiduciary duty to said organizations; and
(e) Relationship with Wikimedia Projects. Whether the Candidate has ever participated in any project operated by the Wikimedia Foundation or any Wikimedia chapter; and, if so, whether the Candidate has ever been subject to disciplinary action (including, but not limited to, the imposition of any restriction on the Candidate's ability to fully and freely participate in said project) by the community of said project, or by any body convened for the purpose of undertaking such disciplinary action on said project.

Wikimedia District of Columbia Election Policy, Article V, Section 1

(1) Your full legal name;
(2) A statement certifying that you meet the eligibility criteria listed above;
(3) A statement regarding each mandatory disclosure listed above; and
(4) A candidate statement up to five hundred (500) words in length.

All nominations must be submitted by Monday, September 1, 11:59 PM (EDT).