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Status: Historical

1. The position of Institutional Partnerships Manager (the "Manager") shall be a paid, full-time non-exempt staff position, to be filled from January 2017 to September 2017. The term of engagement may be postponed or extended at the discretion of the President, provided that sufficient funding is available.

2. The role of the Manager shall be to assist Wikimedia District of Columbia in the conduct of its institutional partnership programs, consistent with the Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2016–21, the Annual Plan for Fiscal Year 2016–17, and the Staffing Plan for Fiscal Year 2016–17. The Manager shall principally carry out activities in two areas:

(a) Program sustainment activities, which will augment the capacity of Wikimedia DC's existing institutional partnership program by providing support for event planning, execution, and reporting. These activities will principally target Strategic Objective IP-3 and Strategic Objective IP-4.
(b) Program growth activities, which will enable a significant expansion of Wikimedia DC's institutional partnership program by providing support for systematic, targeted outreach to potential partner institutions. These activities will principally target Strategic Objective IP-1.

3. The Manager shall report to the President, who shall be responsible for defining day-to-day priorities and tasks. The Manager shall work no more than 40 hours per weekly timekeeping period, and shall submit timesheets indicating all hours worked to the President. The Manager shall not simultaneously undertake employment elsewhere without the prior written approval of the President.

4. The Manager shall be compensated at a fixed rate of $26 per hour, and shall be eligible for paid leave in accordance with the Employee Attendance and Leave Policy, as well as a stipend to reimburse documented healthcare insurance premium costs, up to $450 per month.

5. The President shall be authorized to hire a Manager in accordance with the Employment Policy. The Governance Committee shall prepare all documents required for the onboarding of the Manager, including the employment contract and orientation materials.