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1. The Safe Space Committee shall be a standing committee of the Board of Directors of Wikimedia District of Columbia ("Wikimedia DC"), and shall consist of two or more Directors.

2. The Safe Space Committee shall be responsible for investigating reports of harassment, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, which involve Wikimedia DC members, staff, or volunteers; or relate to events hosted, organized, funded, or supported by Wikimedia DC; or otherwise reasonably bear upon the activities and mission of Wikimedia DC.

3. The Safe Space Committee shall have full authority to carry out any and all corrective actions pursuant to the provisions of the Friendly Space Policy, and all other related policies, as may be necessary to resolve matters under investigation; provided, however, that any contemplated corrective action in relation to an Officer or Director of Wikimedia DC shall be presented to the Board of Directors for concurrence by a majority of uninvolved Directors.

4. The provisions of this resolution supersede the designation of the Safe Space Coordinator in Resolution 4.B13.6 and the associated provisions thereof.