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Wikimedia DC has been working since 2013 to curate best practices and train our volunteers accordingly. Our GLAM Boot Camp programs in 2013 and 2016 trained volunteers from throughout the United States the best practices in developing Wikipedia programs for cultural institutions, while the Workshop Facilitator Training trained aspiring Wikipedia trainers the best practices in teaching others how to edit Wikipedia. These programs energize our national volunteer base, motivating them to carry out programs that benefit the Wikimedia movement and including them in a network of mutual assistance and cooperation.

For 2016–17, we will focus on training local volunteers in best practices for running editing events, including training and "edit-a-thon" components. This aligns with our plan to standardize our editing event workflows and improve event quality by sharing experiences and coming to a common understanding on how outreach events should operate.


Our program goal is to host a one-day training materials workshop in 2016–17, engaging 10 volunteer participants. As part of this training, an event kit should be developed and used at at least five subsequent editing events.


  • Space: $700
  • Lunch and Refreshments: $250
  • Flash drives for training materials: $40
  • Total: $990

Non-financial resources include a volunteer trainer, volunteer event planner, and existing materials used in Wikipedia trainings and editing events.


A dedicated event space with food served will allow us to have a focused training. The morning will focus on discussion of past experiences with training Wikipedia editors, including what has worked and what has not. The afternoon will be dedicated to collaboratively developing training materials, drawing from the experiences of the trainer as well as the volunteers. The tangible output of this will be an event kit, an "edit-a-thon in a box," with training materials the trainees can use at future editing events.


With volunteers trained and an event kit developed, we expect a higher consistency of quality at our editing events, particularly when combining this work with the work of the Institutional Partnerships Manager. In particular, we expect volunteers to participate in at least one editing event following the training, with the event kit used at at least five.